Why do we do that

New book available on Amazon and Kindle

My new book is now available to buy on Amazon and on Kindle. It will help you to have a better life by being aware of why things go wrong so you can change, alter and adapt your interactions to have the life you want not the one other people think you should have.

A reviewers comment
Love the tools , light bulb moments and things to think about sections that create a pause and help whatever idea to sink in as well as the diagrams explaining some of the processes people go through. Altogether a very useful addition for anybody who is in the process of trying to work themselves or how they have come to fit in the world as they do out.

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A small investment for years of happiness

Ian has many years of experience and knowledge, with over 8000 Client face to face hours. He will help you to have the life you want and deserve rather than the life other people think you should have, or the life you just ended up in.

Why choose Intuitive Therapy over other therapies?
Ian’s unique therapy practice not only listens with his ears but he also uses a holistic approach to his work, he listens with all his senses not only his ears. He has over many years developed this holistic listening to interpret how people react and interact, understanding not only what is said in the session but the thoughts that are not being said, picking this up from the interactions between yourself and him, sometimes called transference.

This unique approach can help people who don’t understand why they, or others, feel the way they do it gets to the heart of the problem quicker, meaning it’s less expensive, in time spent in the counselling room, and more connected due to the build-up of trust between him and his clients.

What would I get from it?
An open and honest exploration with you to change the situation you find yourself in, you will also take away real tools to help you with your life. Because the session has real confidentiality you can relax which helps you to open up more achieving a closer connection with me actively listening to you. I will never ridicule or minimise your concerns if they are important to you then they are important.

What does it entail?
Identify an issue that you would want to look at within your life, something which you would like to either understand more about or would like to change to a better outcome. We together focus in on that issue and using my Intuitive skills we find out why things have not turned out the way you would want them to. We then understand what we need to do to change that. I then give you the tools to change the position you find yourself in. Producing the change you need and then you realise the outcome you wanted. The only time this cannot be achieved is if another person does not want to change and walks away from the relationship you have. Most people in my experience do not want to detach but instead want to find a way to be happy and more fulfilled.

A previous client's testimonial.

"I came to see you asking how I could stop feeling insecure and controlled by my parents. You told me to write letters to everyone who made me feel this way and then burn them. I did what you said and I have felt so much better since. Your explanation of how other peoples life influences rub off on you and that it does not mean you are like that at all, was a great realisation to me and I just wanted to thank you. You have helped me make big changes in my life and I am so grateful".
Kim Cheshire